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So, what is Noice?

Sorry, we can't tell that publicly yet. We are 100% in product building mode, so announcements need to wait. Though, you can get private hands-on demo in our job interview ☺. But let's drop a few hints here:

Noice is a

social platform

Noice combines

social and playful

Noice is for

people who
love games

Noice is

meta, UGC, massive

Ok, what about the company?

Noice is an early stage startup building an innovative social platform in one of the fastest growing areas of the games industry. A few bits about us:

$5 million

in funding from game industry veterans

user tested

with high fidelity prototypes that have validated our unique core


from first employees in Sep 2020 to over 40 people this year


just want to make extra sure we told you that

Where's the funding coming from?

Our first round of funding is quite exceptional as Noice is backed by entrepreneurs who’ve founded incredible companies like Unity, Supercell, Wolt, Remedy and Playfish. They know first hand what it takes to build pioneering user experiences and to scale businesses to world class. We are honored that they see that same potential in Noice. Jussi Laakkonen and Pekka Aakko are also major investors in the Noice.

In the press

Noice's funding announcement was covered in Venturebeat, Helsingin Sanomat, PocketGamer.Biz part 1 and part 2 and


And who are the really noice folks?

Ok, that’s one thing we excited to talk about! We’ve clocked quite a few miles developing services and games.

Jussi Laakkonen

CEO, Noice Inc.

Jenni Wilson

Creative Director

Antti Tapaninen

Software engineer

Pauli Ojanen

Software engineer

Jaakko Lukkari


Leena Kuitunen


Karri Haranko

Machine learning engineer

Matt Bengston

Software engineer

Göksel Göktas

Software engineer

Juhani Karlsson

Lead technical artist

Tuomas Kankola

Lead artist

Niklas Beilinson

UX designer

Pekka Palmu

Software engineer

Üstün Ergenoğlu

Software engineer

Antti Nieminen

UX designer

Shijun Wang

DevOps engineer

Valentin Sattinger

Product Manager

Eero Pöyry

Head of Production

Heta Katajisto

Software engineer

Jani Stenvall

QA Lead Engineer

Vesa Hagström

DevOps engineer

Ilia Sergeev

Machine learning engineer

Pavel Prokopenko

Software engineer

James Corbishley

BI Lead

Marton Fabian

3D artist

Emmi Mahrberg

3D artist

What did you folks do before?

Some pretty big things! We founded, built and scaled

Acquired by:


in revenues

Unity Technologies Finland Oy


devices reached per month

Unity Ads


users and shared replays

Everyplay mobile game replay sharing


MAU in 10 months

Cross-promotion network for Facebook games

We've worked on great games, technology and interactive experiences at companies like


I guess this whole site is about you folks hiring?

Yep, you got that right. We are looking to hire highly motivated product builders who have experience with innovative games or software services. Here's how we work:


We take ownership individually and as a team for features and goals, how to get it done and improving how we work. Ownership comes with authority and responsibility.

Get things done

We are a nimble, motivated and experienced team that loves building product. Ideas come from anyone and execution comes from everybody. We minimize processes and management overhead.

User focused

We start with a vision which is repeatedly validated with end users at increasing fidelity. We learn from users by testing as early and as often as possible and adjust our direction as we learn.


We are a distributed startup, which requires great teamwork and communication skills. Most of our team is in Helsinki, Finland and we hire within two timezones.

Low fuss, high trust

We are low fuss people, who are worthy of trust and trust their team mates.


We have a great at shot at changing the status quo of a huge market by developing a materially different and better service, that puts a huge smile on the face of our end users.

What’s the offer?

First and foremost, at Noice you get to design and build a cutting edge platform that merges highly engaging game and metagame systems together with a fresh take on social and user generated content. You will be developing a new platform from scratch using the latest technologies without technical debt. You will be working with motivated, proactive and experienced team of service developers, who have already built large software services, social platforms and at extremely high global scale. You'll get to work cross-functionally with creative and passionate game designers, UX designers, 3D and 2D artists and sound designers to break new ground.

We want you to join Noice for much more than just working in a specified role. We want you to join in on our mission. We want you to participate and contribute to designing Noice, helping us improve how we work and taking ownership. We want to learn from you and share our learnings with you.

We offer a competitive salary and ownership in Noice. Once you see what we are building, we believe you’ll agree that Noice has tremendous potential. At our previous startup Applifier, joining as an early employee became a life changing experience - both professionally and financially. Getting there definitely wasn’t a walk in the park, but we did it together. We believe Noice is going to be very similar - just a lot bigger.

What positions are open?

We are currently hiring for the following positions.

We warmly welcome open applications from experienced games and software service developers too! If you don't find anything that seems like the right match you can always send us an Open Application.